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Mysteries of the Brain

Статья опубликована 14 декабря 2021 года

Mysteries of the Brain

Human brain is a science mystery. Scientists all over the world are obsessed with its secrets, functions and it's major part in our life. For a long time it was indisputable fact that brain is resting during the sleep time, but nowadays it has been proven otherwise: like heart, brain itself works 24 hours a day. What is it working at in the night period? Why is that so important for our system? We are looking forward science to explain brain processes. Now it is the matter of time.

Amount of patients suffering from brain disorders is increasing worldwide. I'll name the most common of the list of diagnoses: dementia, Parkinson's disease, Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, Pick's disease, Alzheimer disease. The last one is leading among the tauopathies (neurodegenerative diseases). All of named pathologies come along with mental disorders. First of all it's inadequate behavior and lack of ability to perceive the world in a healthy way.

For information: International Alzheimer's Research Institute has published a report stating that by 2050 amount of people suffering from dementia may almost triple from 47 to 132 millions.

Along with steady growth of diagnosed patients number it is noted that in civilized countries "each day more and more people are complaining about brain activity problems: progressing distractibility (inability to concentrate attention, to gather thoughts for task solving). There are complaints about info memorizing difficulties, problems with reading large written texts, not mentioning books. Those people ask to give them some medicine for general brain activity and memory improvement. Somewhat paradoxically, this problem is common not only for elderly people, but for middle and under middle age."*

Specialists are concerned about upward rise of brain degrading processes, which has been noticed since the end of 20-th century in modern Homo Sapiens. There were stated reasons that caused that kind of situation: it's extreme flow of information from the Internet and Mass Media. The other reason is lack of vital nutrients delivered to our system as a result of absence of 100% natural products in our ration.

It's time to remember the great russian and soviet neurophysiologist family Bekhterevy. "Dementia does not come all of a sudden, - Academician Vladimir Bekhterev stated a hundred years ago. Further: - The great happiness to die with mind not lost on a life roads will be given to merely 20% of mankind. Unfortunately, the other will turn into naive or mean senile. 80% is much bigger amount than those who by soulless statistic is doomed to have cancer, Parkinson disease or suffer from bones weakness in elderly age. To be included in those lucky 20%, you have to work hard from now on".

You have to work hard, but that is the question: work how exactly? There are different ways of dementia prevention suggested in different times. For example,
Mysteries of the brain.

Bekhterev himself proved wrong the popular theory of crossword solving avail. The scientist was firmly convinced there are many factors affecting full brain functioning, not separate components. The work of Academician was proceeded by his granddaughter Natalia Bekhtereva, neurophysiologist and Head of RAN Brain Institute. However, we will return to that later. First, let me speak of dolphins.

You should know the following thing about dolphins. They are creatures of great sympathy, selflessness and bravery. According to those people who communicated with them long enough, they lack any touchiness and rancor. What's remarkable, those resilient animals don’t have single recorded case of degenerative brain disease or mental illness for the history of monitoring. Dolphin brain is one more insoluble mystery modern science is dealing with. John Cunningham Lilly, psychoanalyst and neurobiologist, famous by his works on dolphin’s conscience and communication abilities, closed his lab in Saint Thomas Island with short message. He claimed: «We are not ready to interact with dolphins. The level of human brain’s perception doesn’t allow him to use innate ability to absorb information through all the sensory organs like dolphins do».

I used dolphins as example not by accident but to underscore factors our brain functioning depends on. I have already mentioned them:
• extreme flow of information from the Internet and Mass Media;
• of absence of fully natural products in our ration.

There is another problem underrated by society that you should consider. For many years of her career Natalia Bekhtereva has been researching indigo children and also adults with extrasensory abilities. Specifically, she conducted series of experiments with indigo and revealed some regularities, which, in my opinion, are vitally important for us to understand.

Riddles of the brainAbout experiment. The prodigy child were offered different tasks required using all of sensory organs. Children performed tasks in different emotional conditions. For one they were calm, and for another they were upset with memories of old insults (brought out by hypnosis). Sensors attached to their bodies recorded reactions and transferred data to monitors. All collected data was brought together to one diagram, which revealed that in upset state of mind indigo child could engage only 10% of their normal abilities. Bekhtereva stated that kids all of a sudden were blinded, deaf and unable to perceive the world in all it’s colors. Besides that, they needed 5 times longer time to answer the questions of tasks.

In the course of further experiments with psychic-adults was confirmed, that offended, insulted man can absorb much less information and has lower quality of reality perception.

Without any sensors and machines neurolinguist Nikolay Vidineev, nature of musical gift researcher, concluded that the most talented children in upset with rancor state of mind become mediocre and lose their advanced feeling and sharp perception. To the same conclusion came Lev Vugotsky, remarkable child psychologist and teacher.

Thus comes the question: if a man loses abilities from living the rancor, then what good can happen to him if his heart is full of bitterness and hurt feelings? After all, sight, hearing, touch and oldfactory are not just the sensory organs – they are our ways to connect to the Creator. It’s dangerous to nurse a grudge! It ends with losses. You just steal from yourself.

Advices for friends: teach your children to forgive! Without this purifying skill there are no way to reach the full potential.

Бывает лед сильней огня,
зима - порой длиннее лета,
бывает ночь длиннее дня
и тьма вдвойне сильнее света;
бывает сад громаден, густ,
а вот плодов совсем не снимешь...
Так берегись холодных чувств,
не то, смотри, застынешь.**
The article "Mysteries of the Brain" contains: *A quote from Stackiewicz, ** an excerpt from Joseph Brodsky's poem "Where Winter Came From". For illustration, fragments of paintings from the cycle "Dolphin" by Julia Watkins.


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